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Raison D’être;
Who are we?

We Edison Carter:

Mission Statement

& Memorandum

“I am not..any kind of preacher. I am not starting a church. I am not developing a religion. I do not belong to any organizations. I do not have an entourage. There is no cult, and I am not a cult leader..I do not live in a compound..No one camps out around my house.”
William Cooper – BEHOLD A PALE HORSE

Dear People,

     Who are we, you ask?

     We Edison-Carter, are just people, from Fema-Region-2, who know a thing or two about some stuff.  We don’t have a Phd or law degree, but we can think!

     Sometimes, we’re visionaries too, who foresee people waking up, reaching critical mass and restoring The Constitution of the Republic of The united States of America.

     Other times, we challenge what’s thought to be impossible.  We are not afraid to ask why.  We are not scared to ask questions.  See our #Filmyourhospital series, our breakout creations reporting real and eye-opening news about the fake pandemic:

We Edison Carter
Always Do The Right Thing! #TOD777


Why wouldn’t we use Patreon?
Truth-tellers dont get to eat, only Liars? Have you no heart?
Also, it’s highly illogical.
Plus, If we spent this time at walmart,
We’d be bourgeois.
Instead, our studio is smaller than a Dodge Dart.
How did this happen? For a start,
We’re Targeted Citizens

     Next, why the ‘Die’?  You might be wondering, are we being overly dramatic or is someone out to get us?

     Well, the fact of the matter is far more sobering.  We’re definitely putting our lives on the line by telling the truth in a world where truth-tellers are labeled as “domestic-terrorists”.

     Allow Richie Comito, James Corbett, David Knight, Dick Morris, John Baume, Harrison Smith & us, to demonstrate how it can NOT be Paranoia, if its really happening:

      So from now on, every time you hear trash talk about some Domestic-T’s on the telly, remember its every bit as likely, to be just a smear-job, on some good hard-working Americans, dropping truth-bombs or something.

     Or maybe it’s just Operation Mockingbird, in action, distracting you from the real issues, again.  Or perhaps it just an intel agency wielding fake news to scare you into a fear-based reaction.  You decide.

     Further, We live in a society where we have to tag honest reports as ‘entertainment’, else the CENSOR is all over our back(don’t mistake this as shilling); and in a DEMONIC way, like DELETING our works while putting its cyber-boot, on our necks.

     You see, thats just level-one.  Level two is either: jail, torture, bullet, carbomb, et cetera.  And there is no level three.

We Edison Carter
Why Are There No More Whistleblowers?
They all get harrassed, tortured, jailed, bullets, carb0mbs, etc

     So, you are probably thinking, why risk it then?

     Well, the #Truth must be told; especially when our eyes see our country nose-diving into a stealthily devious communist-style takeover (dubbed the ‘New World Order’, and then re-dubbed ‘The Great Reset’) by treasonous traitors, while few others take notice, and the rest of the victims of Operation Mockingbird, just parrot the ‘conspiracy theory’ tropes.

     Finally, we’re not looking to get added to the long list of truth-telling & whistleblowing Martyrs.  Nevertheless, we stand proudly on their shoulders, revealing lies, exposing cheats, and even outright thievery, on our unwitting fellow Americans.

 In conclusion, I leave you with a,


     We, Edison-Carter, are NOT ‘domestic terrorists’, nor ‘conspiracy theorists’, and would NEVER commit suicide!   Moreover, we are good, hard-working Americans, who are nothing but healthy, happy, friendly, law-abiding, and stable geniuses, with no pre-existing conditions, who love everybody.

     Thanks for reading, reader. To those few who will understand our message, we are your cousins. Maybe together, we can save our country.


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NEVER Stop Searching for the #TRUTH.

Your Faithful Librarians,
We Edison-Carter

#TruthOrDie777 #Researched #FactChecked #TOD777

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******* YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOWLEDGE ******* – Edison Carter

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