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Happy Fifth of November


First Read Part 1 here:

     “Before you read this…you had better check with your medical doctor, your friends, your politicians, your priest, your rabbi, your psychic, and anyone you feel is smarter than you, and see if you can get permission to read what I have to say.” – Kevin Trudeau

     It’s come to our attention that certain aspects of society are having troubling understanding the basic concepts of

We’ve been asked to make it simple.

     We, Edison-Carter, are Targeted Citizens who disseminate accurate information. That’s it.


     We Are, NOT crazy, not insane, not ill, not sick, not psychotic, not suicidal, not depressed, not angry, not paranoid, not desperate, not criminals, not child molesters, not bank robbers, not child abusers, not tax protestors, not wife beaters, not husband beaters, not drug dealers, not drug users, not drug growers, not drug stockpilers, not traitors, not revolutionaries.


     Also, we are, not subversives, not terrorists, not extremists, not fundamentalists, not white supremacists, not white nationalists, not black panthers, not klan members, not anti-semitic, not racists, not religious fanatics, not a cult, not in a cult, not God, not the son of God, not polygamists, not freemasons, not shills, not controlled-opposition, not in the illuminatti, not political, not right-wing, not far-right, not extreme-right, not left-wing, nor any demonizing label that may be applied.

Simply, we are just Americans.

     Further, we do NOT have any illegal anything; we have no weapons, no firearms, no grenades, no b0mbs, no tanks, no assault rifles, no machine guns, no rockets or missiles, nor any other demonized instrument of any type whatsoever, and our headquarters and domicile are NOT compounds.

     Also, we follow all laws under The Constitution of the united States of America, and all State and Local laws and statutes.

     And its not our fault if any government refuses to recognize the difference between critics and traitors.

     We don’t take oaths and We don’t have political rallies. We just gather intelligence.

     Anywho, our latest upload indeed uncovers scary truths that differ from the government/mainstream-media narrative.  But, it’s the Truth, that causes your fear, so dont hate the messenger.  And, if you are a commenter; As our colleague, John Lee, always says, “Attack the idea, Not the person.”

     You see, truth stands on its own. At least with a well informed populace. Do we have that, we wonder?

Q&A Segment:

     Note: Since we’re shadow-banned and CENSORED, we’ve created the below questions that we think are popular(the names have been changed to protect the innocent).

Q1: Muther Joans says: Our readers are so terribly misinformed & misguided on how the world REALLY works, that they will never believe you, even when you show them the evidence.
A1: We can’t inform everybody.  Besides, your lot have mute buttons, so we dont want to hear about it anymore, ok?

Q2: Southern Perverted Law Center asks: So, if you are Not Domestic non-violent extremists, whats your point?
A2: (Even if your strawman-attack was Not a logical fallacy; Our point could be:) Why have free speech if we dont use it?

Q3: MediaMoronsMatter ask:
Since you support climate-denier-Richie Comito, who thinks he can use #facts to discredit polluters, you must be Environmental Activists, right?
A3: ONLY if you consider Human DECENCY as “environmental activism”, then can you can call us, ‘Decent’.

Q4: National Pubic Radio asks:
You write seemingly with pride about being Americans, so you must identify as Nationalists, yes?

  1. No, Not “nationalists”, just Proud to have a home; two completely different things!
  2. Plus, NOT ONLY are you, jumping to conclusions, but you are getting it Wrong too. Fail.

Q5 Anal Douchewitz asks:
Don’t you understand that your individual-rights end when the greater good is invoked?

  1. We follow the law, full stop.
  2. The Constitution is still the law of our land and so, if you promote disobedience of the law, YOU might be the terrorist.

Q6: An open-minded person asks, “Ok, you guys sound credible. So Whats your motivation?”
A6: We’re motivated by the Martyrs & whistleblowers we lost under mysterious circumstances:

Such as those mentioned in our 911 Video: 9/11 #TRUTH – HOW TO WAKE UP YOUR FAMILY

And those we lost since 2020:

RIP Martyr Matthew North, 21
RIP Martyr Jeffrey Cleveland (JeffCensored), 46
RIP Martyr Brandy Vaughn
RIP Martyr Rob Skiba(from ᏉᎬᏁᎢᎥᏞᎪᎢᎾᏒ induced ᎠᎬᎯᎢᎻ)
And everybody else

Q7: A reasonable person asks, “How can we trust you if you dont show your face on video?”
A7: Do you trust Hyllary? 0bama? Bush? T0ny Blair? They show their face on video.

Q8 An Artificially Intelligent lying-robot says, “Tin Foil!”
A8 No, we are NOT in the conspiracy community, mister coffee; quite the contrary, we are in the #Truth Community.  We just point our fellow homo sapiens in the correct direction, for #Truth. "Think!" “Think!”

Q9 A jealous competitor asks: Your original avatar, does that represent, you, being in love your own ‘intelligence’!
A9 No, we wanted an avatar that represented: ‘Thinking’.  Don’t jump to conclusions.

Q10: A sleepy sheep asks: Who would want to attack gov’t critics/truth-tellers/whistleblowers?
A10: (You didnt watch our companion video:$/embed/fbi-says-you-may-be-a-terrorist)

  • State Sponsored Trolls

  • Covert Agents

  • Government Keyboard Armies

  • US Military’s Digital Hate Brigades

Heads of states, judges, media owners, violent groups, trolls, security forces

     Now, dont take our word for it, allow James Titcomb from to explain in his 11/14/2017 article “To spread propaganda and attack critics”  Governments in 30 countries are paying … – Telegraph

Q11: A conditioned(brain-washed) mainstream media believer asks: “Judging you by your words, you must be anarchists/anti-govt!”
A11: No, neither; We’re not anti-govt, we’re actually PRO-govt.  Our govt is the first and ONLY(in all history) to ever make their citizens actually free.

Q12: Another LYING A.I. robot writes, “Go back to hell, anti-christs”
A12: Logical fallacies, strawman arguments, and Ad-hominem attacks are all tools of the Liars, period.

     In closing, We are “Real Peaple”; never hiding behind the mask of conservatism, populism, or any other political agenda.  We have no fear and will Not accept persecution due to our opinions nor our religious beliefs.  Nor should you.

Always invoke your Rights!

Godspeed fellow Americans,

Edison Carter

#TruthOrDie777 #Researched #FactChecked #TOD777

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